Patrice Peijnenburg, The Capital Care Company

“As a financial consultancy we became embroiled in a dispute over non-payment. The case had been dealt with by a disputes committee where it had been brought by the other party. Zabih’s written substantiation of our side of the story was an important contribution which eventually led to the committee deciding in our favor. We are extremely happy with the result and with Zabih’s speed and professionalism.
The term ‘smooth talker’ can have a negative connotation, but Zabih is quick and professional in a positive sense. He had very quickly analyzed all our communications with the opposing party and he knew exactly where the crux of the matter lay. Other law firms would have taken a lot more time to get to that point. It was great that the lines of communication were so short.

Zabih has a pleasing personality. There is always time for a chat, even though I know that he is extremely busy. He is not a cold, detached lawyer, but instead has a sense of humor. That’s something I really like.”