What clients say about Babs?

“Babs provides us with legal advice in drawing up and terminating both individual and collective employment contracts. She has also counselled us in the formation of the Works Council. Babs functions as a critical sparring partner. Whenever we need legal advice she is always available to solve things fast. She doesn’t have a nine-to-five mentality and is just one WhatsApp or telephone call away. The lines of communication are very short. We are not your standard run-of-the-mill company, as our corporate culture is really centred on the employee. Babs is able to understand that well. She is informal, intelligent, sensitive of her environment and has a good sense of humour. She’s a very pleasant person to work with. Lawyers often have a tendency to use pompous, official language, but Babs always makes a practical translation. When we were transitioning from staff representation to a Works Council, she drew up a document with legal provisions and wrote it in a way that all of our employees were able to understand. Babs is really interested in the person behind the company. She goes the extra mile and is a real winner. She is personally involved, has endurance in cases where it is required and is able to keep many balls in the air.”

De Kennemer Duincampings B.V., Willemieke de Waal, CEO

“Babs has helped us draw up employment contracts and advises us in employment related issues. She is trustworthy, competent and sociable. If there are employment disputes she is always looking for mediation, rapprochement and compromise. Because of her calm and composure she knows how to ease the conflict. It’s very comfortable having a specialist to whom I can safely delegate these things. Babs comes across as a very approachable and pleasant person, who is also very competent. She knows how to explain things in a calm manner, yet without beating around the bush. She gets to the core of an issue in a charming, non-confrontational way. Babs is easy to get a hold of and quick to respond. Whenever I need preventive advice to know my position, Babs is able to supply it to me very quickly. Because of her in-depth and up-to-date knowledge, she often does this from memory. Labour law is like the first aid of the legal profession, because you often need an immediate legal perspective. Babs always gives me a very fast assessment. Whenever people in my network deal with labour related problems, I often tell them to call Babs because she is able to provide that first aid.”

9Yards B.V., Gabriël Troostwijk, CEO


Babs Dubois