Frans Deniz, owner of La Vespa and Spagghetiamo restaurants

“Zabih advised me on a company law issue and on conflicts with my staff. From a business perspective it is nice for any entrepreneur to have a lawyer they can rely on. Sometimes things go wrong and you need legal advice very quickly.

The collaboration with Zabih is super. I like the fact you can talk to him in the normal way, rather than in legal jargon. I have had experiences with other firms where the approach is much more cold-blooded. I refer to that as a fridge effect. You tell your story, they immediately send you away and eventually you get a huge bill. Sometimes they use delaying tactics so that they can invoice more. Zabih is very to-the-point and you immediately receive advice in a language you understand as a business person. And I only pay for what I get.

Zabih has entrepreneurial blood. He knows how business works. If you call him and explain your problem in your own language, he is able to give an answer immediately. And his legal expertise is excellent.”