What clients say about Floris?

“Floris has counselled us in terminating a lease. Discussing the legal strategy with him was very pleasant. Floris has a solution oriented approach and a good understanding of our corporate culture, which focuses primarily on our employees and customers. He responded well to my proposal to talk with the tenant informally over a cup of coffee. And
he gave me valuable input to use in that conversation. Floris is intelligent, motivated, informal and has a subtle sense of humour. He brings a lot of experience to the table and is very flexible. He even advises us in matters we have overlooked, which is very helpful. And he is communicative. This summer I sent him a WhatsApp during his holiday and he immediately called back to make an appointment. He is also very transparant about contacting other parties during a case, when necessity demands. We appreciate that LOYR is a pleasantly informal and no-nonsense office. The personal touch is very important to them. They’re really interested in the people in our company. With other lawyers I sometimes feel like I’m just another number, but Floris and his colleagues are real partners. We really click with one another.”

De Kennemer Duincampings B.V., Willemieke de Waal, CEO

“We are property developers and Floris has helped us drawing up rent and purchase contracts as well as settlement agreements and liability claims. Many lawyers come across as being very technical, which sometimes makes me think, ‘yeah, sure.’ But Floris is very accessible to work with. He’s not haughty or arrogant about his knowledge, but adjusts to whoever he’s dealing with. I always feel very comfortable around him. Floris is very involved and always on top of things. He counselled us very well in a case with a non paying tenant who was on the brink of ankruptcy. He told us very realistically what our perspective was and how we could reduce the loss by taking proper legal measures and preparing the right documents. This made the follow-up phase a lot easier. Floris is really a lawyer of his time, which shows in his way of communicating. He is pragmatic and personable. Everything he does is based on knowledge, competence and love for his profession.”

Domus Vastgoedontwikkeling B.V., Myron Jacobs, CEO

“Floris has counselled our company and some of our customers in several rent law cases, such as terminating rental contracts and damage disputes. He is a motivated lawyer that handles your business with passion. Floris responds fast. When I present him with an issue, he looks at it and provides an advice. Then we talk about it and decide whether to go for it or not. And if he goes for it, he really means it. We are really satisfied with his service. Floris is always available and very accessible. I can call him even when he is with his children. He is really considerate about the legal costs of a case. If he sees you are going to make a lot of costs while your winning chances are limited, he tells you straightforward: “either we continue and you have this many costs and no security, or we terminate the case and accept the loss”. Floris makes the choice clear. A lot of lawyers give me the feeling they don’t really care about your case. You don’t feel they are going to do their utmost. Floris is the opposite. He fights for you like a pitbull. He is much more on top of things than other lawyers.”

Provast Beheer B.V., Eddy Krijger, CEO

“Floris managed the entire legal process of a substantial real estate transaction on my behalf, from the letter of intent up to and including the sales contract. He did so in a truly fantastic way. This transaction was arranged in a way that was legally and fiscally watertight and that meant I didn’t have to worry about any loose ends. This transaction required a high degree of flexibility and creative thought and Floris has both these qualities. There was also considerable pressure on the process as regards timing, but Floris was always on hand when I needed him. If I called at an inconvenient moment, he would call back immediately, so things could not have been better.

I regard Floris as a skilful lawyer. He clearly sees where the risks are and is able to separate the main issues very well from the side issues. You can see that he has considerable experience. He is flexible, reads the situation well and is able to conduct tough conversations with the opposing party. In addition he is quite tenacious, but he does that in a way that does not cause any friction. I thought he acted strongly on all fronts.

Floris combines the professionalism of a large law firm with the pragmatism of small one. That is precisely what you need. At large law firms, lawyers often get lost in the legal details while, in effect, the focus must always be on the transaction. Floris sees that really well. He knows exactly what is intended and is very good at putting the interests for both parties into words. He doesn’t always say what you want to hear and is not afraid to argue his corner. I consider him to be the ultimate professional.”

Martin van Grinsven, real estate entrepreneur in the Randstad area

“Floris assisted us in proceedings brought by one of our residents. The resident wanted to start a Bed & Breakfast, but our Owners’ Association refused to grant permission. The court ruled in our favour on all grounds in these proceedings, both in the first instance and on appeal.

The way Floris performed in court and before the Court of Appeal was excellent. He was not sure beforehand whether we were going to win and did not create any expectations which he could not live up to. I believe he is at his best when he constructs positions in his written summary of the argument. He also made sure that the costs did not get out of hand. We made agreements on this and he kept to them perfectly. All in all I am extremely pleased with the quality of his work.

The communication with Floris was also very enjoyable. When I asked something about the case he replied in such a way that I immediately understood the situation. I wish people in my field of work, in the IT sector, would express themselves so unambiguously as he does. On top of that he is a pleasant person to be with and has a great sense of humour. He understands that these kinds of cases involve people and that it is not just about legal details. He also clearly enjoys his work. In short, he is a skilled and motivated lawyer.”

Bas de Witte, director VVE Marnixstraat

“Our neighbours built a new patio and that led to cracks in the retaining wall between us and them. The repair costs were considerable and we were unable to reach agreement with the neighbours’ liability insurer. With his extremely detailed knowledge in combination with existing case law, Floris was able to demonstrate that the damage had been caused by the other party. On the basis of his findings he was able to convince the liability insurer and that resulted in the full amount being reimbursed without us having to go to court.
Floris stood out from other lawyers who had previously dealt with this case because of his personal involvement and cover knowledge. He studied the case in detail in order to find the best possible solution. He did so by working extremely accurately and energetically. It is the little things that are important and you cannot afford to leave any stone unturned because the other party is keeping such a close eye on things.
The collaboration with Floris was extremely enjoyable and almost informal. Because we had other priorities, I was often difficult to get hold of, but he was always extremely flexible. The lines of communication were short. Floris can be summed up using three keywords: skilful, professional and energetic.”

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