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Avoid missteps concerning the use of personal data

Increasingly, we live and manage our lives online, and we use modern technology alongside information and communication tools to communicate with our family, friends, colleagues and even the government. We use these tools to store and share information. The systems keep our economy running and provide enormous benefits. For example, modern technology can improve access to quality health care and lead to improvements in medical research. Technology can also improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of energy, even helping business owners like yourself improve their business operations.

But storing and sharing personal information makes us vulnerable. We are not always sure what those systems do with our data. Nor do we know the types of data that are collected, processed, stored and/or exchanged. It is also not always possible to know whether sufficient security measures have been taken. It is important to realise that we don’t know who has access to the data that has been stored.

Babs Dubois and Hannah Brenninkmeijer together form the data protection section within LOYR. They help entrepreneurs with developing and implementing internal privacy policies and drafting the relevant documents. They are able to give you practical and straightforward answers to your questions.

How do you, as an entrepreneur, process certain data such as payroll data, business emails and other sensitive business information? Do you know exactly what to do to comply with the legal requirements for processing the personal data of your employees, contractors and customers? 

In short, how is the protection of personal data regulated in your organisation?

Babs Dubois and Hannah Brenninkmeijer can offer you tailor-made advice on data protection within your organisation, providing advice to business start-ups as well as established businesses.

LOYR can support you with the following: 

  • aligning privacy related issues with the specific situation of your company or organisation;
  • drafting and then advising on the roll-out of a privacy policy for your organisation, including support during implementation and application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • delivering GDPR training courses within your organisation;
  • making an inventory of the personal data that is processed by you and developing or advising on a data processing register;
  • providing advice and legal assistance in matters concerning privacy in the workplace, such as camera surveillance, checking email mailboxes, introducing a track&trace system in the company cars of your employees, engaging company investigators and monitoring sick employees, etc.;
  • drafting effective data processing agreements and assessing and advising on the data processing agreements of counterparties;
  • carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments;
  • creating privacy awareness within your company or organisation;
  • handling the data of sick employees;
  • providing advice and legal assistance in the event of data leaks and/or security breaches and their detection and assisting with reporting to the Dutch Data Protection Authority or to affected data subjects;
  • advising on and making proper agreements with all parties with whom you are exchanging data;
  • advising on access requests (made by clients or staff, for example) or the other rights of data subjects;
  • advising on international data sharing (e.g. with suppliers or within your group);
  • assisting with legal proceedings, e.g. investigations started by the Dutch Data Protection Authority, disputes with data subjects whose data you are processing or any other disputes involving data protection;
  • advising on and contributing to the data protection aspects of developing new products and services;
  • providing advice on data traffic between organisations and the requirements set by the GDPR and related regulations;
  • carrying out a GDPR compliance scan to assess whether your organisation is compliant with the GDPR;
  • drafting privacy statements, data protocols and terms and conditions;
  • assisting companies during audits and/or investigations or enforcement measures imposed by the Dutch Personal Data Authority;
  • providing advice on regulations regarding cookies and newsletters;
  • providing advice and legal assistance with digital traceability (the right to be forgotten).

Alongside privacy law, LOYR also specialises in employment law, corporate law, real estate law and sports law.


Babs Dubois


Hannah Brenninkmeijer

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