What clients say about Jasper?

“Jasper has helped us with an issue between my company and the bank. He analyzed the opportunities well and advised me how to respond. Strategically Jasper is very strong. He has a clear goal in mind and has the patience to get there one way or another. He wants the utmost from each case and is not easily satisfied. His argumentation is always based on facts. I have a lot of experience with lawyers. Jasper belongs to the best.”

Rijsbergenvastgoed B.V., Robbert Rijsbergen, board member

“Jasper has litigated for us in a case against a Dutch bank. We’ve chosen Jasper because of his experience in litigations, but also because we are charmed about his way of working. Other lawyers sometimes blindly pursue a case without knowing where they’ll end up. However, Jasper visualizes the desired result as practical points of reference we can work towards. He is clear and realistic about the chances of a case and does all he can to make it a success. What I appreciate in Jasper is the fact that he is very accessible. He isn’t arrogant, but very down to earth and doesn’t hide behind jargon. He’s able to explain the legal issue in such a way that a layman can understand. Although honest and principled, Jasper is also very competitive. He wants to win and loves the legal arena. We also like the fact that LOYR is a young and independent lawfirm without the sluggishness of a partner bureaucracy. Jasper is currently involved in helping us in an appeal. He does a lot of work behind the scenes, such as negotiating with the other party. Due to his healthy sense of self-assurance Jasper commands a lot of confidence. We’re very happy with his service.”

Momentum Capital B.V., Kevin Ho, CFO

“Jasper assisted us in a dispute with a manufacturer. Other businesses had started similar proceedings against the same manufacturer, but they lost. Jasper was the only one who managed to win. That is quite remarkable. He also managed to bring a number of other cases to a successful conclusion. That’s fantastic. When so much goes right, it breeds a lot of confidence.

Jasper is a passionate lawyer who really goes for it. He gives clients his personal attention, engages with their cases and really gets to grips with the detail. He also looks at cases very realistically and makes it very clear in advance whether or not there is any chance of them being successful. That makes him a reliable partner. Jasper also responds very quickly. If I call or mail, I usually get an answer from him within a day.

On top of that he is also a great person to talk to. We once spent 2.5 hours in the train on our way to court. We then talked about private matters and in that sense there is also a personal side to the relationship with him.”

Brewconcentrate B.V. and Coolcarré B.V., Marcel Lunter, managing director

“Jasper helped us in a dispute with a curator. We managed to settle the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

Jasper is a skilful and pragmatic lawyer. What I like about him is that he dares to take a stand against his own client. Lawyers from other (large) firms often get bogged down in never-ending memos designed to legally cover their backs. If you ask them directly on the phone, “What would you do?”, they will not usually give you an answer. A lot of lawyers are constantly wary of the consequences of giving their own advice and possibly damaging the reputation of the firm they work for. However, if you’re looking for a solution to a problem, you need a pragmatic lawyer who dares to express his opinion, even if that’s sometimes risky. Jasper is able to do just that and that makes him a very valuable adviser. I know lots of lawyers, but there are only a few whose opinion I accept on the basis of their knowledge and skill. Jasper is one of them.

Jasper is also properly engaged. He shares ideas about the case and does not overcharge. In addition to being competent, he is also a very likeable chap.”

Rockstart B.V., Koen Wagemakers, CFO

“Jasper van Mens helped the board in connection with a sensitive corporate governance problem. This required a very precise legal approach and Jasper faultlessly brought the whole process to a positive conclusion. Jasper also litigated for us and did that perfectly as well.

Jasper is accurate, practical and dynamic. In contrast to many other lawyers, he responds and acts quickly. That is something that really appeals to me. Jasper responds immediately and gives you the feeling that he will do everything he possibly can do to help at that point in time. With him I get the feeling that my interests are the priority. In addition to that Jasper is considerate and empathic. I believe those qualities are important because, if an adviser cannot empathise properly with the problem, he or she will not be able to help find a good solution. Jasper is informal in a manner which is pleasing. He has a fresh view that I, as an older and more experienced director, find enriching.”

Beko Coöperatie U.A., Niek de la Haije, chairman of the board

“Jasper helped us with a discontinuity case in which he was partly responsible for the legal strategy. He masterminded, substantiated and executed it so well that it resulted in the desired restart. He also assisted us during legal proceedings when he wiped the floor with the other party’s lawyer. Without resorting to verbal attacks he was far superior to his much older opponent. It was a pleasure to experience that and it resulted in a verdict which was entirely in our favour.

Jasper is smart and bold. He is able to devise an excellent legal strategy which sets him apart from the majority of lawyers I have worked with in the past thirty years. He is a very intelligent fighter who also dares to give advice which goes against the client’s wishes, if that is more in the client’s interest. For that reason I enjoy doing business with him.”

Kieskeurig.nl / Reshift Digital B.V., Paul Molenaar, CEO


Jasper van Mens