Marcel Lunter, managing director of Brewconcentrate and Coolcarré

“Jasper assisted us in a dispute with a manufacturer. Other businesses had started similar proceedings against the same manufacturer, but they lost. Jasper was the only one who managed to win. That is quite remarkable. He also managed to bring a number of other cases to a successful conclusion. That’s fantastic. When so much goes right, it breeds a lot of confidence.

Jasper is a passionate lawyer who really goes for it. He gives clients his personal attention, engages with their cases and really gets to grips with the detail. He also looks at cases very realistically and makes it very clear in advance whether or not there is any chance of them being successful. That makes him a reliable partner. Jasper also responds very quickly. If I call or mail, I usually get an answer from him within a day.

On top of that he is also a great person to talk to. We once spent 2.5 hours in the train on our way to court. We then talked about private matters and in that sense there is also a personal side to the relationship with him.”