Koen Wagemakers, CFO at Rockstart, www.rockstart.com

“Jasper helped us in a dispute with a curator. We managed to settle the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

Jasper is a skilful and pragmatic lawyer. What I like about him is that he dares to take a stand against his own client. Lawyers from other (large) firms often get bogged down in never-ending memos designed to legally cover their backs. If you ask them directly on the phone, “What would you do?”, they will not usually give you an answer. A lot of lawyers are constantly wary of the consequences of giving their own advice and possibly damaging the reputation of the firm they work for. However, if you’re looking for a solution to a problem, you need a pragmatic lawyer who dares to express his opinion, even if that’s sometimes risky. Jasper is able to do just that and that makes him a very valuable adviser. I know lots of lawyers, but there are only a few whose opinion I accept on the basis of their knowledge and skill. Jasper is one of them.

Jasper is also properly engaged. He shares ideas about the case and does not overcharge. In addition to being competent, he is also a very likeable chap.”