Niek de la Haije, chairman of the board of the Beko Coöperatie,

“Jasper van Mens helped the board in connection with a sensitive corporate governance problem. This required a very precise legal approach and Jasper faultlessly brought the whole process to a positive conclusion. Jasper also litigated for us and did that perfectly as well.

Jasper is accurate, practical and dynamic. In contrast to many other lawyers, he responds and acts quickly. That is something that really appeals to me. Jasper responds immediately and gives you the feeling that he will do everything he possibly can do to help at that point in time. With him I get the feeling that my interests are the priority. In addition to that Jasper is considerate and empathic. I believe those qualities are important because, if an adviser cannot empathise properly with the problem, he or she will not be able to help find a good solution. Jasper is informal in a manner which is pleasing. He has a fresh view that I, as an older and more experienced director, find enriching.”