Bas de Witte, director VVE Marnixstraat

“Floris assisted us in proceedings brought by one of our residents. The resident wanted to start a Bed & Breakfast, but our Owners’ Association refused to grant permission. The court ruled in our favour on all grounds in these proceedings, both in the first instance and on appeal.

The way Floris performed in court and before the Court of Appeal was excellent. He was not sure beforehand whether we were going to win and did not create any expectations which he could not live up to. I believe he is at his best when he constructs positions in his written summary of the argument. He also made sure that the costs did not get out of hand. We made agreements on this and he kept to them perfectly. All in all I am extremely pleased with the quality of his work.

The communication with Floris was also very enjoyable. When I asked something about the case he replied in such a way that I immediately understood the situation. I wish people in my field of work, in the IT sector, would express themselves so unambiguously as he does. On top of that he is a pleasant person to be with and has a great sense of humour. He understands that these kinds of cases involve people and that it is not just about legal details. He also clearly enjoys his work. In short, he is a skilled and motivated lawyer.”