Martin van Grinsven, real estate entrepreneur in the Randstad area

“Floris managed the entire legal process of a substantial real estate transaction on my behalf, from the letter of intent up to and including the sales contract. He did so in a truly fantastic way. This transaction was arranged in a way that was legally and fiscally watertight and that meant I didn’t have to worry about any loose ends. This transaction required a high degree of flexibility and creative thought and Floris has both these qualities. There was also considerable pressure on the process as regards timing, but Floris was always on hand when I needed him. If I called at an inconvenient moment, he would call back immediately, so things could not have been better.

I regard Floris as a skilful lawyer. He clearly sees where the risks are and is able to separate the main issues very well from the side issues. You can see that he has considerable experience. He is flexible, reads the situation well and is able to conduct tough conversations with the opposing party. In addition he is quite tenacious, but he does that in a way that does not cause any friction. I thought he acted strongly on all fronts.

Floris combines the professionalism of a large law firm with the pragmatism of small one. That is precisely what you need. At large law firms, lawyers often get lost in the legal details while, in effect, the focus must always be on the transaction. Floris sees that really well. He knows exactly what is intended and is very good at putting the interests for both parties into words. He doesn’t always say what you want to hear and is not afraid to argue his corner. I consider him to be the ultimate professional.”