Domus Vastgoedontwikkeling B.V., Myron Jacobs, CEO

“We are property developers and Floris has helped us drawing up rent and purchase contracts as well as settlement agreements and liability claims. Many lawyers come across as being very technical, which sometimes makes me think, ‘yeah, sure.’ But Floris is very accessible to work with. He’s not haughty or arrogant about his knowledge, but adjusts to whoever he’s dealing with. I always feel very comfortable around him. Floris is very involved and always on top of things. He counselled us very well in a case with a non paying tenant who was on the brink of ankruptcy. He told us very realistically what our perspective was and how we could reduce the loss by taking proper legal measures and preparing the right documents. This made the follow-up phase a lot easier. Floris is really a lawyer of his time, which shows in his way of communicating. He is pragmatic and personable. Everything he does is based on knowledge, competence and love for his profession.”