Provast Beheer B.V., Eddy Krijger, CEO

“Floris has counselled our company and some of our customers in several rent law cases, such as terminating rental contracts and damage disputes. He is a motivated lawyer that handles your business with passion. Floris responds fast. When I present him with an issue, he looks at it and provides an advice. Then we talk about it and decide whether to go for it or not. And if he goes for it, he really means it. We are really satisfied with his service. Floris is always available and very accessible. I can call him even when he is with his children. He is really considerate about the legal costs of a case. If he sees you are going to make a lot of costs while your winning chances are limited, he tells you straightforward: “either we continue and you have this many costs and no security, or we terminate the case and accept the loss”. Floris makes the choice clear. A lot of lawyers give me the feeling they don’t really care about your case. You don’t feel they are going to do their utmost. Floris is the opposite. He fights for you like a pitbull. He is much more on top of things than other lawyers.”