De Kennemer Duincampings B.V., Willemieke de Waal, CEO

“Floris has counselled us in terminating a lease. Discussing the legal strategy with him was very pleasant. Floris has a solution oriented approach and a good understanding of our corporate culture, which focuses primarily on our employees and customers. He responded well to my proposal to talk with the tenant informally over a cup of coffee. And
he gave me valuable input to use in that conversation. Floris is intelligent, motivated, informal and has a subtle sense of humour. He brings a lot of experience to the table and is very flexible. He even advises us in matters we have overlooked, which is very helpful. And he is communicative. This summer I sent him a WhatsApp during his holiday and he immediately called back to make an appointment. He is also very transparant about contacting other parties during a case, when necessity demands. We appreciate that LOYR is a pleasantly informal and no-nonsense office. The personal touch is very important to them. They’re really interested in the people in our company. With other lawyers I sometimes feel like I’m just another number, but Floris and his colleagues are real partners. We really click with one another.”