Kevin Ho, CFO Momentum Capital

“Jasper has litigated for us in a case against a Dutch bank. We’ve chosen Jasper because of his experience in litigations, but also because we are charmed about his way of working. Other lawyers sometimes blindly pursue a case without knowing where they’ll end up. However, Jasper visualizes the desired result as practical points of reference we can work towards. He is clear and realistic about the chances of a case and does all he can to make it a success. What I appreciate in Jasper is the fact that he is very accessible. He isn’t arrogant, but very down to earth and doesn’t hide behind jargon. He’s able to explain the legal issue in such a way that a layman can understand. Although honest and principled, Jasper is also very competitive. He wants to win and loves the legal arena. We also like the fact that LOYR is a young and independent lawfirm without the sluggishness of a partner bureaucracy. Jasper is currently involved in helping us in an appeal. He does a lot of work behind the scenes, such as negotiating with the other party. Due to his healthy sense of self-assurance Jasper commands a lot of confidence. We’re very happy with his service.”