Alexander Snoek, CEO of marketing firm Stan & Stacy:

“Hannah has helped me with a restructuring. She gave quality advice about the consequences, costs and my own negotiating position. Her level of expertise is high, yet she is capable of translating complex legal jargon to understandable language. I can always call her for small updates or questions. When unavailable she always calls me back right away.

Hannah is involved and proactive. I’ve often had to chase lawyers I worked with about information, but Hannah always takes the initiative to comes to me with things I have to think of. We have good discussions. She doesn’t always agree with me and lets me know when she differs. I appreciate that because it lets me know she is really involved in the situation.
As a lawyer Hannah is professional but not distant. You feel she has genuine concern for you. She wants to arrange and solve things to the best of her abilities. Face to face with the opposing party she does have a killer mentality though. She wants to achieve the best possible result, and in this she’s fast, competent and effective. I have nothing but praise.”